The Palm Valley Animal Center originated as the Upper Valley Humane Society which was established by a group of concerned citizens in 1973. The shelter located in McAllen was turned over to the Humane Society by the City of McAllen to carry on the full operation and functions of the shelter.

In 1981, the Upper Valley Humane Society received a donation of 2 1/2 acres of land located on Trenton Road in Edinburg which encouraged the subsequent purchase of an adjacent 2 1/2 acres, for a total of 5 acres. Contributions from the surrounding cities as well as donations from local citizens, including $50,000 from Bob Sobel and a $100,000 bequest from L.L. Rowan, secured the construction of the current facility. On October 31, 1983, the new shelter opened, containing 56 dog runs and 60 cat cages.

In recent years, additions have been made to the shelter to accommodate the increasing influx of animals each year. In 2000, the Weslaco Humane Society closed and the Upper Valley Humane Society became the only animal care facility for the entire Hidalgo County area. On average, the Upper Valley Humane Society receives 80 to100 animals every day and houses 250 dogs and 130 cats daily. In the last two years, the shelter received more than 40,000 animals each year.

In 2007, with movement towards a holistic approach to not only combat the animal welfare problem through increased adoptions but to treat the source of the problem, the Upper Valley Humane Society became the Palm Valley Animal Center.

The goal of the Palm Valley Animal Center is to decrease the number of animals entering the center’s doors annually while increasing the number of adoptions. The Center is taking an aggressive proactive approach to reach this goal by implementing the necessary support programs and educating the community on responsible pet ownership and bringing awareness to the implications on our society when we neglect this responsibility.

As we see continued population growth in McAllen and its surrounding cities, the correlating growth of homeless pets also increases at an alarming rate. It is only through the assistance and generosity of the community and its concerned citizens that the Palm Valley Animal Center will be able to properly tackle this problem and the rising needs of the Center. We greatly appreciate all your support and kind donations to help our facility keep its doors open.

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